Microbe Talk Extra: Ted White

Two weeks ago we were at our SGM Autumn Conference. I spoke to Professor Ted White from University of Missouri–Kansas City, who has told me some amazing facts about fungi and the state of drug development to treat fungal diseases. Did you know that every time you inhale you’re breathing in 100 spores of Aspergillus? Neither did I! There’s lots more in the interview, it’s well worth a listen.

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Benjamin Thompson

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One Response to Microbe Talk Extra: Ted White

  1. Tom Edlind says:

    Very interesting, informative, and wide-ranging comments from Dr. Ted White. With a little more time, I expect he would have touched on two more azole-related issues: the emergence of intrinsically resistant Candida glabrata (now the most common fungal pathogen in some hospitals), and of azole resistant Aspergillus as an apparent consequence of agricultural azole funcicide use.

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