Voice of the Future 2014

Last week, the Society of Biology held its annual ‘Voice of the Future’ event, where early career researchers had the chance to ask questions to parliamentarians and leading civil servants. SGM funded two student members to attend. In this post, reblogged from the John Innes Centre, Izzy Webb reviews her time at the event.

Image credit: Society of Biology

John Innes SVC

This month I was selected to represent the Society of General Microbiology at an event called Voice of the Future (VOF). This is an annual event (in its third year) which gives young scientists the chance to directly engage with the policy makers making decisions today. It is organised by the Society of Biology along with several other learned societies who invite their members to get involved. I have been particularly interested in science policy since I began my PhD a year and a half ago, so this was a great chance to get involved and do something more than just reading articles, ranting to my friends and tweeting. It was also a nice chance to meet other students with interests in science policy – like Scott Nicholson who was my fellow representative for the SGM.

Voice of the Future is an event that takes itself seriously, and so as…

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