The SGM Annual Conference in tweets.

The Society for General Microbiology Annual Conference took place from 13–17 April 2014 at the Arena Conference Centre in Liverpool. There were almost 2,000 tweets during the event that used the conference hashtag #sgmliv. We’ve highlighted a few of them below, to give you a flavour of the event.

The 1000+ attendees witnessed cutting-edge science, with some of the posters on show almost doubling as works of art.

Talks were given, on science…

…but also on how to give talks.

The SGM Prize Lectures drew crowds to hear some outstanding microbiologists talk about their work and life. 

The growing importance of communicating science to the public did not go unrecognised, either… 

…an undertaking hopefully aided by the fact that we’re a lovely bunch, really! 

There were plenty of light-hearted moments…

…but also more sombre ones, with a minute’s silence to remember the victims of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989. 

We hope we helped inspire early-career researchers, and help new and established academics with their publishing efforts. 

And so, until next time…we hope everyone enjoyed the Conference as much as we, and these people, did!

The SGM Focused Meetings in 2014 will be on Emerging Challenges and Opportunities in Soil Microbiology (1–2 September, Holywell Park Conference Centre, University of Loughborough) and on Modelling Microbial Infection (17–18 November, Charles Darwin House, London).

Jon Fuhrmann

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2 Responses to The SGM Annual Conference in tweets.

  1. It was a really great meeting. Nice Twitter summary – it was lovely to see so many people embracing social media and #sgmliv! Already looking forward to #sgmbir or #sgmbham.

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