Invisible You: Art and Microbiology at the Eden Project

aVLls7LHKGUileuqCe2dYISv5vsk90M2o9AOBYVZGcE,ljCJ3HcnN4RWN6u4MTaguhtTvWUZqCm7a417ggj4oW4Invisible You. The Human Microbiome is a new permanent exhibition at the Eden Project, exploring the trillions of microbes that live on and within us.

The exhibit, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust, features amazing work from a dozen artists on themes surrounding the human microbiome.

The new space includes intricate sculptures (made from porcelain, paper and even faecal transplants), an animation depicting what microbes watch on the telly, and a mechanical model automaton of the human gut.

We visited the Eden Project to find out more about the artists and their work, as well as talking to the staff and scientists involved in the project about their experiences, and their ambitions for the new exhibition.

Anand Jagatia

Image: ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ by Anna Dumitriu. Eden Project
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