Microbe Talk: November 2015

Quantum_Dots_with_emission_maxima_in_a_10-nm_step_are_being_produced_at_PlasmaChem_in_a_kg_scaleHow could you convert the dust, leaves and cigarettes that litter the side of the road into something useful and valuable?

In this month’s podcast, we spoke to Dr Angela Murray from the University of Birmingham about using microbes to turn waste products into high-end products.

We hear about a patented technology to convert road dust into precious metal catalysts, and how cleaning up heavy metal pollution can be used to make powerful crystals called quantum dots.

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Anand Jagatia

Image credit: Antipoff on Wikimedia under CC BY-SA 3.0
Music: Kosmiche Slop by Anenon, Day Bird by Broke For Free, Mells by Broke for Free, Lights – And Counting by Action Davis
Sound effects (from freesound.org): Traffic by malupeeters, Car Engine by Pogotron, purr Tims by aivaaroo
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