Podcast: Microbiome Research – Opportunity or Over-hype?

This month, we’re bringing you a real highlight from our Annual Conference in Edinburgh: a live discussion about the state of microbiome research.

A panel of experts gave their views on whether microbiome research is an opportunity, or whether it’s been over-hyped.

It was a really lively event with a great audience, and it was chaired by our very own Dr Benjamin Thompson.

Prof Julian Marchesi, Imperial College London
Prof Jim Prosser, University of Aberdeen
Dr Lindsay Hall, University of East Anglia
Dr Thorunn Helgason, University of York

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2 Responses to Podcast: Microbiome Research – Opportunity or Over-hype?

  1. Haley Back says:

    I think that this type of research is an opportunity, as is all research. This is because maybe one day a finding might not just be overestimated, but actually beneficial.

  2. Arnie says:

    Great conversation. Nothing was really answered but still wonderful to hear them speak on the subject. Thank you for this!

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