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Science and the Parliament

As the Microbiology Society’s Policy and Member Engagement Intern, I joined the policy team at this year’s Science and the Parliament Conference, which took place in Edinburgh on 14th November. The event was organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, … Continue reading

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New antibiotics needed: Enterobacteriaceae

  Enterobacteriaceae is a family of bacteria often associated with the gut. Some Enterobacteriaceae may be more familiar than others, including Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Shigella. Another important bacterium in this family is Klebsiella pneumoniae. When in the lungs, this … Continue reading

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New antibiotics needed: WHO priority pathogens

Bacteria are becoming resistant to antimicrobial medicines at an alarming rate. As antibiotics are used to treat infections, bacteria are able to adapt to survive, particularly when antibiotics are used inappropriately, or the full course is not completed. Resistant bacteria … Continue reading

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Willie Russell obituary

Willie Russell, molecular virologist and supporter of the Microbiology Society: an obituary. Written with thanks to Professor Richard Randall and Willie’s friends and family Willie Russell, who was emeritus Professor of Virology at the University of St Andrews, died peacefully … Continue reading

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Wolbachia: The mosquito manipulator

Using mosquitoes infected with bacteria sounds like a strange way to prevent the spread of disease, but that is exactly how scientists have been making headlines in Australia, Florida and Brazil. In an effort to combat dengue fever and Zika … Continue reading

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Microbiology Editor’s Choice: How E. coli adapts to nitrogen starvation

Each month, a manuscript published in our flagship journal Microbiology is chosen by a member of the Editorial Board. This month, the paper is A novel regulatory factor affecting the transcription of methionine biosynthesis genes in Escherichia coli experiencing sustained nitrogen starvation and was … Continue reading

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Acting on your feedback

In July 2018, the Society’s publishing team launched a new set of author and reviewer surveys, aiming to gather information about what we do well and what we can do better. With three months of data under our belts we’re … Continue reading

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Science and Stormont 2018: Impact of Brexit on Northern Ireland

Considering the Assembly has not sat since January 2017, it was not a quiet day at Stormont on the 8 of October 2018. Compared with my last trip here in September to attend my first meeting as the Northern Ireland (NI) … Continue reading

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Could the gut microbiome influence livestock growth?

Dr Stafford Vigors is a researcher at Teagasc, a Food Research Centre in Ashtown, Dublin. At the 2018 Microbes and Mucosal Surfaces Focused Meeting, Stafford presented his research ‘Analysis of the intestinal microbiome of pigs divergent in feed efficiency.’ Here, … Continue reading

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The Microbiology Society and Open Access

Over the summer, the Microbiology Society publishing and policy teams worked together to re-align our Open Access position statement with our publishing practices, and the updated policy was approved by Council on 7 September. As a membership charity and independent … Continue reading

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