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Spotlight on Grants: Applied Microbiology in Uganda

Every year, the Microbiology Society awards grants from its International Development Fund to support members’ activities in countries where microbiology teaching or diagnostics require development. Dr Kostas Gkatzionis writes about his trip to Uganda earlier this year to run activities on applied microbiology for students … Continue reading

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Why don’t archaea cause disease?

Are there really no archaeal pathogens? And if not, why not? Dr James Chong explores these questions in a film and article for Microbiology Today. Read the full comment piece here. For a microbe, pathogenesis is a fundamentally bad idea. From an anthropomorphic point … Continue reading

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What is the Nagoya Protocol? How does it relate to microbiology?

Microbiology is an interconnected discipline, with researchers all over the world sharing samples and genetic data at an ever increasing pace. But how can we ensure that everyone can also benefit from any discoveries made? In this post, Katie Beckett … Continue reading

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Podcast: Good Germs, Bad Germs

Have you ever wondered about the kinds of microbes that are present in your kitchen? In the fruit bowl or the fridge, on your chopping boards or cleaning cloths? Good Germs Bad Germs is a citizen science project from the … Continue reading

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New microbes found in vultures, rattlesnakes and Japanese burial mounds

There are plenty of exciting finds this month so let’s dive straight in. Researchers from China have discovered two new species of bacteria from two different species of Old World vulture in the Tibetan Plateau. Vultures may be a source … Continue reading

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A killer snake fungus has been found in wild British snakes for the first time

Back in April 2016, we wrote about an emerging disease that’s been killing wild snake populations in North America. Snake fungal disease, or SFD, is an infection that leads to blisters and lesions on snakes’ skin, turning scales yellow and … Continue reading

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Parliamentary Links Day 2017

Each year, the Royal Society of Biology organises ‘Parliamentary Links Day’, an event that brings together parliamentarians and the scientific community to discuss matters of importance to both. The 2017 event was attended by several Microbiology Society staff and members, … Continue reading

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