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The fungus that makes ‘zombie ants’ could use biological clocks to control their minds

The world of parasites can sometimes be extremely gruesome. Take, for example, the charming female jewel wasp, which uses a cockroach as a living incubator for its larvae. The wasp stings the roach in the brain, and leads the much bigger … Continue reading

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Pioneer fungi start degrading dead wood before it hits the ground

Next time you go walking in a forest during the summer months, take a look up and see if you can spot any branches missing their leaves. It might not seem obvious at first, but you’re looking at a poorly … Continue reading

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In New York State, bats are showing signs of recovery from white-nose syndrome

Bats in North America are in trouble. Millions of them have died over the past few years, over an area that stretches for thousands of miles, from Nova Scotia in Eastern Canada to Nebraska in the heart of North America. … Continue reading

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Podcast: Brewing Better Beer

  What gives beer its taste? Why do some ales taste of berries, bananas or chocolate? A big part of the answer is the type of yeast used to ferment it. There are hundreds of different strains that brewers can use … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Grants: A search for prions in yeast

Each year, the Microbiology Society awards a number of grants that enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during the summer vacation. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a series of articles from students who were awarded … Continue reading

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Microbe Talk Extra: Killer Fungus

Fungal diseases cause an estimated 1.5 million deaths each year – more than malaria.  Despite this, fungi are often overlooked compared to other pathogens like bacteria and viruses. In this extra edition of the podcast, we sent Anand Jagatia along … Continue reading

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An emerging fungal disease is killing snakes in the US

Ophidiomyces ophidiicola is an emerging pathogen that causes snake fungal disease, a potentially fatal infection spreading rapidly across North America. We spoke to microbiologist Dr Jeffrey Lorch about his recent work to identify the fungus causing the disease. For the … Continue reading

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