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Get into the groove: Tackling antimicrobial resistance with synthetic genes

“Biotechnology is set to be the next industrial revolution, and I didn’t want to miss it!” That’s what Chemical Engineer, Emilio Cortes-Sanchez said when asked why he turned to microbiology in his search for new antimicrobial treatments. Emilio’s work was … Continue reading

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Hold tight: A mussel-inspired ‘living glue’

Many aquatic animals spend much of their lives stuck to surfaces that can include rocks, ships or even whales. Limpets and sea stars, for example, use a form of adhesion that allows them to move on the surface they have … Continue reading

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Opinion: The Longitude Prize and antibiotic research funding

Cash prizes have long been the drivers of scientific innovation, be it in the development of synthetic blue pigment in 19th century France, or the XPrize’s continuing efforts to award those developing “radical breakthroughs for the benefit of humanity”. This … Continue reading

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Special section: Synthetic Biology

This month, the Society for General Microbiology’s journal Microbiology contains a special section dedicated to synthetic biology – a field that applies engineering principals, such as mathematical modelling or modularisation, to biological research. Although in its infancy, synthetic biology offers … Continue reading

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