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How to network at a conference

The Microbiology Society Annual Conference is just a couple of weeks away! While this is definitely exciting, there is one aspect some of you may be nervous about: networking. Networking is a bit of a dirty word in science – but … Continue reading

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Bacterial freeloaders: An unexpected mechanism of resistance

Bacteria are very good at evolving resistance to our drugs. Once all-powerful wonder-cures, antibiotics are steadily becoming less effective. If antibiotic resistance continues to spread, reports suggest that by 2050, 10 million people could die every year from infections we … Continue reading

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What is Herd Immunity?

When you think of a herd, you probably think of cows, wildebeest or buffalo. In the animal world, there is safety in numbers – more pairs of eyes to look out for predators, for example. As humans, we don’t generally have … Continue reading

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Best videos and podcasts of 2016

We’ve been busy this year producing lots of multimedia content about microbiology! If you missed some of it the first time, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites below. Don’t forget, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and to our podcast … Continue reading

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Let’s Play – Plague Inc: Evolved (with a scientist)

Plague Inc: Evolved is a video game where players try to evolve a pathogen that can infect and kill the whole of humanity. While this is obviously not our aim here at the Society, the game does provide an interesting angle for looking … Continue reading

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What is antibiotic resistance?

This week is the WHO’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week, which raises awareness of one of the world’s biggest health threats. But what is antibiotic resistance? How is it spread? What can we do to prevent its spread? These are some … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Grants: The motility of Staphylococcus aureus

Each year, the Microbiology Society awards a number of grants that enable undergraduates to work on microbiological research projects during the summer vacation. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting a series of articles from students who were awarded … Continue reading

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