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Researchers are hunting for viruses that could cause the next pandemic

Scientists around the world are looking for the next SARS or MERS virus in wildlife from disease emergence ‘hotspots’. giulia/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 In late 2002, a new kind of lung infection began to emerge in the Guandong province of southern … Continue reading

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Can we model how viruses move between species?

Dr Ben Longdon from the University of Cambridge is presenting his work on emerging viruses at the Microbiology Society Annual Conference today (24 March). He may have found the key to predicting which viruses will emerge to cause severe illness … Continue reading

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Towards a universal coronavirus vaccine: science fact or science-fiction?

New research being presented today at the Annual Conference describes how the blood serum of people who have recovered from the SARS (serious acute respiratory syndrome) coronavirus can neutralise the MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) coronavirus, which was recently discovered … Continue reading

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