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Cows on antibiotics release more methane from their dung

It’s a well-known fact that cattle and other livestock are responsible for releasing greenhouse gases like methane into the atmosphere. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s actually bovine burps, not farts, that are to blame. Methane from belching is a … Continue reading

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Microbe Talk: April 2016

Can parasitic worms treat inflammatory diseases? In 2010, a medical case report was published about a man with inflammatory bowel disease. The man had a serious case of a condition called ulcerative colitis, and was facing the prospect of having a … Continue reading

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Mapping the microbes in your mouth

Scientists from the Forsyth Institute have managed to visualise communities of bacteria in the human mouth, showing their spatial organisation for the first time in “microbial maps”. The maps could help scientists understand the interactions between different oral bacteria and … Continue reading

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How do your microbes grow?

If you’ve recently been on holiday, changed your diet, or taken antibiotics, the chances are that it’s affected your microbiome. This community of microbes – made up of trillions of bacteria, archaea and fungi – plays a vital role in … Continue reading

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Microbe Talk Extra: Swallowed by a whale

Baleen whales are some of the largest creatures on Earth, but they feed on some of the smallest – tiny ocean-dwelling crustaceans called krill and copepods. Smaller still are the microscopic organisms that help the whales to digest this vast … Continue reading

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Diabetics face a brighter future thanks to microbiome research

New approaches to the management of debilitating diabetic foot ulcers may be on the horizon, thanks to new microbiome research. Today at the Society for General Microbiology Annual Conference, Eleanor Townsend from the University of the West of Scotland is … Continue reading

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What gives wine its taste? (We heard it’s on the grapevine…)

Wine connoisseurs, or oenophiles, possess a seemingly endless vocabulary for describing their tipples of choice. To the uninitiated, it may sound like they are describing an entire gourmet meal, or even a good friend, but this is not just make-believe: … Continue reading

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