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On the Horizon: Monkeypox

On 8 May 1980, after a global vaccination campaign, the WHO declared that smallpox had been eradicated. Wiping out this viral disease, which has claimed the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout history, should be considered one of … Continue reading

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Vaccines: From the cowshed to the clinic

Vaccines are an essential component of public health, keeping people safe against disease. But how do they work, how are they manufactured and what are the challenges involved? We spoke to Dr Sarah Gilbert from the Jenner Institute to find … Continue reading

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The evolution of a diarrhoeal viral genome

Post by Rebecca Gladstone, University of Southampton Two billion cases of severe diarrhoea occur globally each year, representing the second leading cause of death in children under five years old, according to the World Health Organization. Diarrhoeal disease is both … Continue reading

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Fighting infectious fungi with vaccines

Post by Rebecca Way, University of Aberdeen With antifungal treatments failing due to increasing resistance to antimicrobials, fungal infections are emerging as a silent killer in the healthcare setting. Scientists are researching strategies to overcome this problem and are trying … Continue reading

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